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Forming New Customer Relationships In This Time of Crisis

All relationships involve emotions to some degree, including customer relationships.

For existing customers, the connection with your company developed over time. It wasn’t just one interaction that turned them into regulars. It was a series of repeated positive experiences that led them to enjoy such a harmonious and beneficial relationship with your company.

Forming and cultivating such a relationship isn’t easy. It’s even more difficult in a crisis. This is especially true during something like the coronavirus pandemic, where the way you do business changes dramatically.

We know how maintaining relationships with your former and ongoing customers has become even more difficult during such a time of crisis. However, what’s even more difficult is forming new customer relationships.

Making Potential Customers Trust You

Trust is the foundation in which any relationship. But it’s easy to lose sight of this significant factor in the midst of all of this chaos. We feel that it’s important to remind you that the only way to convert potential customers into actual paying customers is to gain their trust.

How do you do that? Start by delivering on promises.

Remember, talk is cheap. Not to mention, customers have even less patience because of the uncertainty of everyone’s situation. Most won’t hesitate to drop your business if they can see that you’re failing to live up to your promises, as well as expectations. Don’t forget this isn’t just a one-time thing. You should do this consistently. Convey the message and reassure your customers that they can trust your brand.

Do not let your business and transaction with your brand be a source of worry.

For example, if you are a restaurant, something as simple as thanking customers for having food delivered from you is a great way to provide them with some gratitude and warmth. You can even follow this up by sending a message after some time has passed to wish them well and to let your business know if there were any problems with their food or delivery.

The customer journey today has multiple points of reassurance that you can use to develop your relationship with them in a way that can hopefully lead to something longterm.

Remember to Follow-Up

The key to converting one-time customers to regulars is to build a connection.

After the initial transaction, following up is a crucial step towards building a repertoire with your clients and customers. It shows that you care about them and how the transaction went and how you can improve it even further.

Follow-up calls are a win-win situation for your business because it makes customers feel validated. At the same time, it allows you to gauge whether or not the changes you’ve made are a positive impact.

Taking the Bull by the Horns

No single company has the perfect answer about what to do in these uncertain times.

All businesses are pretty much on the same boat here. However, the key to forming new customer relationships and maintaining them during this unprecedented calamity is to own up to the situation.

Taking a proactive approach is the only way to prevent the situation from getting the worst of your company.

What potential and long-term customers need right now is a company that cares about what they need and want. Although a customer-centric attitude has always been integral to the success of any business, there’s no better time than these days to start focusing on adopting such an approach.

It is only by doing so that you can create long-lasting goodwill with both new and previous customers alike.

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